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The Living in Orange County Real Estate team understands that homeowners have different needs when it comes to selling their home, therefore not one size fits all.  The traditional “listing on the MLS” may not be most beneficial for you which is why we have been successful with creating the different options below for our sellers.

Guaranteed Offer

We are so confident that if you sell your home with us, The Living in Orange County Real Estate Team, we offer a WRITTEN guarantee.  Say what?  Yup, that’s right.  We offer a guarantee in a world where there is typically so little certainty.  It’s simple.  Your home is either sold at 100% of the asking price in 31 days or less, or I pay you the difference.  What could be any easier than that?

Most sellers worry about what they will ultimately walk away with once it is all said and done.  With us, that worry is eliminated through our unique guaranteed sale program.  We are the only ones in Orange County to offer this unique guarantee.  Our competitors can’t stand that we offer it.  And frankly, they think we are crazy.

But, while the average agent invests less than $300 a month in marketing, we invest over $15,000 per month to find hundreds of qualified buyers each and every month.  That is a fact, and we can prove it. Not only that, but we also utilize the database of our lender partner who has many buyers qualified and ready to buy in the areas in which we sell homes.  It’s a win-win.

That huge marketing and economic advantage, combined with our top-of-the-line seller program, and other marketing innovations such as our 5 Day Seller Campaign Blitz, allow us to offer you the industry’s most aggressive written guarantee.

And of course, you are never trapped in a contract with our team because we also offer day to day listing agreement that you can cancel at any time and for any reason, without penalty.  That too goes right into your contract in writing.

Finally, a real estate team that puts its money where its mouth is. Call us today to see if your home qualifies for our Guaranteed Sale Program.*

Concierge Services

3 Options When Selling

Most Agents Only Tell you About One

Over the years, we’ve noticed that most agents assume they know what sellers want and pigeonhole them into using just one selling process.

We believe you should have options. Real estate is no different than any other service in life: You can choose to work with someone who will do what everyone else is doing OR you can work with an expert who will customize a specific process for your home sale.

Option 1 – Renovate Program
This program allows for Living in Orange County to front all costs associated with pre-sale home renovations at no interest and no fees. We also act as a resource to provide our expertise to prepare a home renovation plan so you can maximize the return on your investment.

Option 2 -TradeUp Program
This is for homeowners who are juggling between selling their current home and locking in their dream home with the money from their current home. With our TradeUp program, now you are able to buy your new home before you sell by leveraging our ability to make quick closing cash offers to beat out other buyers and get the best price with the convenience of not moving twice or stressing about being “homeless”

Option 3 – Instant Cash Offer
The easiest way to sell your home. Get your guaranteed offer and sell with no showings, no repairs, no negotiations, no problems. 


Tell us about your home and what makes it unique. What have you upgraded? What needs work? We’ll take all that into account, plug it into our proprietary home analysis program, along with neighborhood data and recent nearby home sales. Then we’ll call you to set up an onsite visit and within 24-48 hrs of that meeting have an offer in your hands. No showings. No hassles. No problems.

Or fill out the form below

Minute-to-Minute Listing Agreement

The Living in Orange County Real Estate Team Powered by Anvil Real Estate is the #1 producing team by size and volume in Laguna Hills closing $156.2M in sales volume and 176 transactions as of 12/18/2021 with $13M in escrow. All of this with only a team of 31 agents (10 of which haven’t done a complete year with us yet). I don’t tell you this to impress you, but instead to impress upon you that our systems flat out work!

Thanks to our time-tested, multi-tiered approach to selling real estate, you can count on The Living In Orange County Real Estate Team to attract the most buyers, sell your home in the least amount of time, for the highest price possible.

What’s Your Biggest Fear When Listing Your Home with a Realtor?
Unlike any other Realtor in Orange County, our market-exclusive MINUTE-TO-MINUTE LISTING AGREEMENT allows you to fire us at any time if you’re not happy with our services. If you’re like most sellers, you worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less-than-competent real estate agent, costing your home valuable time and exposure on the market. Well, worry no more. We take the risk and fear out of selling your home with a real estate agent.

I will not lock you into a 12-month contract or even a 6-month contract. If you are not completely satisfied with my services and marketing techniques, after just 1 day, just FIRE ME! You sign a listing contract with me for only 1 day! That means if you don’t think that working with me and my sales team is your best option, just call me and tell me at any time to take a hike!

I feel confident that after meeting with me, you will see that I have the best home marketing program in Orange County!

When you sell your home through The Living In Orange County Real Estate Team, you can cancel your listing at any time. No hassles, no worries. It’s simple:

*You can cancel your listing literally the next day if you so choose, if not it’s a day-to-day contract.
*You can relax, knowing you won’t be locked into a lengthy contract.
*You will enjoy the highest caliber of service from professionals confident enough to make this offer.

We have a strong opinion about real estate service. We believe that if you’re unhappy with the level of service you receive for any reason, you should have the power to fire your agent. It takes a strong belief in the quality of our service to make this kind of offer, and we are proud to make it, as our company never settles for anything less than the highest professional standards. We’re so confident that you will be happy with our service and results that we put it in writing – we always stand behind our service.

We have sold 176 homes in Orange County in 2021

  • Meet with us at your home
  • Get the most accurate home estimate
  • Discuss strategies for selling with our experts